Q. What if you don’t recover the hire charges from the other insurer?

A. This is unlikely. Provided that there is no dispute on liability and you have demonstrated a need for a vehicle, the third party insurers are obliged to pay you the cost of hiring alternative transport. The ABI Third Party Agreement sets out that the subscribing insurers will pay the hire claim 30 days from receipt of invoice direct to the hire organisation.

Q. Can you supply me with a Van?

A. Yes, we supply a full range of cars and vans suitable to your needs.

Q. Must I use my insurer’s recommended repairer?

A. No, the choice of repairer remains yours.

Q. Do I have to claim on my own policy?

A. No. Subject to a certain criteria Spectra may advise that it is possible to claim directly from the other person’s insurer.

Q. How much does all this cost?

A. Provided you are the innocent party then our service is free.

Q. I drive a company car; can you still help me?

A. Yes, we can act on behalf of all parties if you wish; Policyholder (Your Company), Driver (You) and any passengers.