“There is no secret to our success, just sheer hard work and the ability to do our job really well that makes Spectra a leading name in Accident Management.”

Spectra have over 30 years experience of ‘credit hire’ and vehicle repair procedure allowing us an enviable position in the provision of Accident Management. Centrally located in Manchester we provide nationwide coverage 24/7 with a national repair network of over 140 repairers. We are able to supply a complete range of vehicles from compacts to prestige, as well as a full range of light commercial vehicles.

Spectra prides itself on quality of service throughout the claims process, we ensure that your vehicle and life is restored to its pre-accident position with as little disruption and hassle as possible. As a 1st Tier Subscriber to The Association of British Insurers Third Party Agreement, Spectra administer any claim for hire charges repair in a format that is recognised by the insurance industry. By communicating effectively with all parties, we save time and ensure that claims are dealt with in a professional and efficient manner.

We are a 1st Tier subscriber to the Association of British Insurers (ABI) Third Party Agreement. This agreement sets out the protocol in which claims are handled between subscribing insurers and ourselves. In short it ensures:

  • The customer fully understands the claim process
  • Claims are settled sooner rather than later
  • We operate in an ‘insurer friendly’ manner

The result is swift settlement of claims without all the inevitable disruption, phone calls and paperwork that would be encountered without the professional assistance of Spectra Accident Management Manchester.

This website is designed to illustrate how we provide valuable help in a distressing and potentially costly situation.

Antony Greenwood

“I would like to say thank you to Spectra for your quality service. I was involved in a Road Traffic Accident and Spectra took care of everything. I am expecting my injury claim to be settled very soon. Thanks again.”